Man Arrested For 5 Knockout Assaults

more details here

more details here

Here’s a story about a man who was recently arrested for a series of assaults against women that were connected to the infamous “knockout game.”

Read the whole story HERE.

What Is The “Knockout Game”?

It is the latest craze in assaults against anyone innocently walking down the street where they are attacked by an assailant who tries to knock them out in one punch. Sounds like fun doesn’t? Some police officials are skeptical about these reports and are suspecting a growing urban myth. The fact of the matter is the “knockout game” has been around in one form or another since 1992 usually under different names.

In this case, the man was arrested for assaulting Jewish women. It is not clear why he targeted them but he may be subject to a “hate crime” which carries a much stiffer penalty.

Have You Ever Been A Victim Of This “Game”?

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