Assault Prevention Tips

We saw a story recently where three women were assaulted in the same area in Burnaby, Canada at approximately the same time between 10 PM and midnight in the space of just a couple of days. The story went on to say that the women resisted and screamed leaving the suspect to flee the scene. He is still at large but the police have a good description of him.

Later in the story the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) issued some assault prevention tips including being careful when walking in the area late at night and encouraging women to travel in pairs and always be aware of their surroundings.

We would humbly submit that is only a start as far as assault prevention tips go.

Here are some other assault prevention tips.

1. Predators salivate when they see a woman talking on a cell phone or pushing a cart with a child in it. They know that the woman is distracted and if she happens to be in a parking lot she actually may be placing herself in danger by those actions. It only takes a split-second for an assailant to sneak up behind a potential victim and assault her.

2. So pay extra special attention when going from one secure area to another for example from a car to a store or vice versa.


3.When you are exposed in that short time always make sure that you have self-defense weapon with you such as this pepper spray.

4. When shopping do it during daylight hours and avoid shopping at night if you can. It is just a fact that more assaults occur at night than the daytime.

5. How you carry yourself (body language) is very important and can send powerful signals to an assailant. Walk with a sense of confidence, holding your head up high, almost as if you’re looking out for trouble.

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