Female Immigrants From India Suffer From Old Abuses In New Country

Immigrants from India comprise more than 1 million of the 33 million residents of Canada. That is a sizable component of that population. Everything that happened in India to women happens in Canada including violence against women, wife battery, honor killings and foeticide-the act of aborting a fetus because it is female which is unique to India. In short a woman is not treated as equal and subject to physical and emotional abuse.

Read the rest of the story HERE.

“The reason why Indians continue to practice such evils is because of the policy of multiculturalism that Canada follows. ‘It is a wonderful policy, which says wherever you come from you are allowed to keep your culture. Canada is a mosaic of cultures with different backgrounds.’

But the flip side is the Indians feel they can continue with the abuse of women, and other evils. Women who are bankers, independent professionals face daily abuse at the hands of their husbands. The numbers go unreported as there is fear if the woman reports abuse the police will take immediate action. The woman will also get ostracized by society and be shunned in temples, gurudwaras.”

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