Home Burglary Prevention Tools

The home security industry business is rapidly approaching $90 billion a year in sales with a wide variety of home security products and services to protect close to 80 million homes.

The reason the business is so big is because burglary is so rampant across the country with nearly one out of every five homes a victim of burglary every year. On average nearly $2,000 is stolen in every burglary with almost the same amount of money in damage done to the home. Burglars only spend an average of 10 minutes or less inside a home looking for items they can easily pawn.

Two of the most effective home security products that you can get are diversion safes and Fake Security Cameras.

Diversion Safes are common household cleaning or food product containers that have hollowed out interiors to hide small valuables such as cash, jewelry, credit cards and some are big enough to even hide handguns. If a burglar does break into your home he does not have the time to look in every cranny are open every jar of peanut butter which is why these safes are so effective.

On the preventative side fake security cameras are so realistic looking at even the most sophisticated burglar can be fooled. Most of them have flashing red LED lights, some even are motion activated and they all have housing and wiring that looks real.

http://www.selfdefenseproductsinc.com offers home security products such as diversion safes and fake security cameras and self-defense products such as stun guns, pepper sprays and personal alarms to improve your personal safety


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