White House Speaks Out On College Assaults

We have been writing about assaults on college campuses for nearly a decade. But just last week the fight to put an end to it got stepped up a notch when Pres. Obama announced the formulation of a task force to find ways to prevent it and find ways to improve prosecution.

A few years ago Congress made title IX of the US code a major tool for students to use to fight assaults on college campuses.

Nearly 30% of all women have been sexually assaulted in their years in the University. That statistic is bad enough but even more glaring is that 72% of all campus three victims admit to having been drunk when attacked. Nearly 90% of all assailants are known to the victims-they are classmates.

Women have a right to be safe on college and university campuses Lincoln can sue their educations.

Part of the problem is that less than 10% of all sexual assaults ever get reported which actually works to embolden other young men to commit the crime.

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