Campus Assaults Investigation

Police in California, San Luis Obispo specifically, are investigating if recent sexual assaults on Cal poly campus are connected.

Read the whole story HERE.

In both instances women were attacked from behind and knocked to the ground. The victims did not get clear images of their assailants, so police are still looking for the perpetrators.

These instances are just other examples of how women can be assaulted anywhere anytime which is why we always suggest that they carry a self-defense product with them preferably one that’s on a keychain.

Female students on campus need to learn how to defend themselves and should carry a self-defense product to ensure their own personal safety and personal security on and off campus, such as one of our Streetwise Pepper Sprays with you at all times. offers products such as stun guns, pepper sprays and personal alarms to improve your personal safety as well as products to help improve your home security like diversion safes and fake security cameras.


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