Domestic Violence Up In Utah, Kansas

Here are two stories about UTAH Domestic Violence and Kansas Domestic Violence and how the numbers of cases increases while the resources including money in both states are decreasing or staying flat.

Utah and Kansas are falling behind when it comes to serving victims of domestic violence.

Over the past five years funding has remained flat but 13 private domestic violence shelters in the state have managed to house more than 41 percent more survivors — going from 76,767 shelter nights in 2008 to 108,377 nights in 2012.

Over those same five years the number of people who weren’t served by domestic violence shelters increased by 67 percent. In 2012, that meant 2,809 people — mostly women and children — were turned away by already-full domestic violence shelters.

“Kendra Wyckoff, the executive director of the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition, added that Utah’s rates of rape and domestic violence are higher than the national average.”

The story also claims that because it is a hidden epidemic that many victims suffer in silence. It is a well-known fact that many victims do not report domestic violence to the police until after they have been assaulted 25 to 30 times. How tragic?

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