New Pressure To End College Sexual Assaults

Here’s a story about College Sexual Assault from Fox news. It mentions that states and colleges are trying to learn more about the extent of sexual assaults on campuses following a renewed White House call to end such violence that argues one in five women have been victims of attacks.

Many states are convening to discuss this issue after President Obama announced the formation of The White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault and roughly three years after his administration issued revised guidelines for institutions of higher education dealing with rape and other incidents of sexual assault and misconduct.

Among the concerns at the conference were the impact of drinking, the so-called “hooking up” culture and whether colleges were doing enough to encourage victims to file complaints.

Participants also argued that victims and others impacted by sexual assault are going outside university systems to detail their concerns and experiences on social media, which has sparked calls for change beyond the president’s recent efforts including a task force report within 90

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