Campus Sexual Assaults

Here is another article about Campus Sexual Assaults. Specifically it is about how University of Iowa President Sally Mason was prepared for the growing nationwide pressure to curb campus sexual assaults. She is not only leading the way nationwide to make her University a model on the issue which he had personal experience fighting off an assailant while an undergraduate in 1970.

“With national statistics indicating that as many as one in five women are assaulted during college, the issue has become explosive, never far below the surface.

Some critics said the university’s warnings put too much focus on the victims by warning women not to walk alone or to binge drink — and not enough on perpetrators.”

University officials said the increase resulted from a policy change to start sending warnings about incidents involving acquaintances. The number of sexual offenses reported to campus police dropped in 2013 to four from eight. But the Rape Victim Advocacy Program in Iowa City said there were 117 university-affiliated calls involving sexual assault, stalking or harassment last year.

A January report from the White House Council on Women and Girls cited a 2011 national research survey that found 20 percent of women reported being victims. Experts say it is impossible to know whether the prevalence has gone up, since it is a vastly underreported crime.”

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