Hidden Cameras For Elder Care

This is a story from a TV station in Newton, Kansas that raises the question about allowing Hidden Cameras in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Currently state regulations only allow nursing homes to put cameras in common areas not in patient rooms. If the patient wants a WebCam in their room, the family must provide a camera and privacy concerns must be addressed.

Oklahoma was the first state to allow hidden cameras in patient rooms with Ohio and Texas soon afterward. South Carolina is considering the issue right now with legislation before lawmakers.

As the number of people in nursing homes and assisted living facilities increases, many people suspect that the quality of care may very well sink lower than it is now.

Many studies now show that 60% of all nursing homes have some kind of violation when it comes to senior abuse with many of them employing convicted felons. As many as 45% of all respondents in a study done of 2,000 nursing home residents claim to have been victim of some kind of abuse-much of that admittedly from patient on patient abuse. But abuse is abuse!

wallclockhidden cam

This Clock Spy Camera features motion activated recording is a perfect fit for almost any situation especially in a nursing home or long-term care facility to catch elder abuse in the act.

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