Teen Relation Ship Violence Signs

As many as one in three high school students is in a relationship with someone who is abusive.

The Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center says teen dating violence can include any form of sexual, physical, verbal, emotional, financial or digital abuse.

Here is an article about Teen Relationship Violence.

Here are some signs that may indicate you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship:

Your partner
• “has trouble dealing with his or her anger.
• acts out in a physical way by throwing objects and hitting things.
• exhibits extreme jealousy, controlling behavior, quick involvement, unpredictable mood swings, alcohol and drug use, hypersensitivity and is verbally abusive.
• isolates you from your family and friends.
• uses force during an argument.
• threatens violence.
• is cruel to animals and/or children.
• is always blaming others for problems and feelings.

If you are in a relationship where you are being abused or if you know someone who is being abused, seek help as soon as possible.”

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