Hidden Camera Catches Business Burglar

Here’s a story out of the United Kingdom where a suspicious businessman set up hidden cameras at his recruitment firm after it was burglarized.

He could not believe his eyes when he got a text message at home late one night in February warning him to log into his wifi camera system – because he was being ROBBED.

He watched via his smartphone as serial burglar Kevin Corkill, 40, kicked down the door to his office and began helping himself to expensive computers by stuffing them into black bin liners.

“Watching the action unfold through the camera was just incredible.

“Actually seeing it happening live was unnerving, but I felt more empowered knowing I could do something about it.

“I saw the crime taking place and then within a few minutes the police were on site.”

Before the police could arrive Andy had to watch as thief Kevin Corkill kicked down the door to his office and then began calmly looting it for the most expensive equipment he could find.

Cops and dog units from Hertfordshire police began closing in and were on the scene within just 90 seconds.

They caught the suspect red-handed and immediately took him into custody.

He said: “Knowing that the person responsible was caught thanks to a simple, easy to use security system is proof of its value, and it has saved me thousands of pounds in losses.

“The evidence against him was so strong which is thanks to the investment the owner made in this technology and the prompt response by call handlers and local officers.

“I hope this acts as a warning to others considering similar actions that businesses are investing in technology which can result in being caught in the act.”

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