Freaky Weather Displaces Thousands

This is a story by NBC about a spring snowstorm and other Natural Disasters that happened in the plains and the Rocky Mountains west recently.

A May snowstorm in Wyoming and Colorado while the Plains cleaned up from tornado damage and expected further frustrations from imminent thunderstorms.

“The [tornado] threat area today goes from southern Michigan into Minnesota and then southeast into Missouri,” The Weather Channel’s Kevin Roth said. “Iowa and Wisconsin could also be threatened.”

Powerful thunderstorms produced tornadoes as they moved across Nebraska on Sunday caused damage in several towns and rural areas in the east of the state.

Meanwhile, farther to the west, soaring temperatures and gusty winds led to dangerous conditions for wildfires.

The conditions in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas areas translated into “red flag” fire warnings, with authorities saying that any wildland flames would quickly spread out of control.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, the service said to expect “a robust warming trend” through Wednesday, with projected highs in coastal areas near 90 degrees and inland highs around 100 degrees.

Officials said the storms damaged homes and businesses in or near Sutton, Garland, Cordova and Daykin, and knocked out power to 18,000 utility customers.

Homes were also damaged in Iowa, according NBC station WOWT.

In Missouri, where a tornado damaged up to 300 homes in the town of Orrick on Saturday, Gov. Jay Nixon issued an emergency declaration and urged people to stay alert and heed weather warnings.

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