Hidden Camera Catches Child Abuser

Here’s a story that’s very unusual about Child Abuse. It seems the father was accused of sexually abusing his children. He knew that not to be the case so he installed a hidden camera in his home and recorded his wife abusing the children.

“He installed hidden cameras in the house. When he reviewed the footage he was shocked to see his wife enter the children’s room and beating them.

The mother was also seen picking up the baby and throwing her into the crib. She proceeded to go to the other child, lifted him up in the air by his hair and threw him to the floor.”

There are several instances where nothing but a hidden camera can capture evidence that can stand up in court. Child abuse and elder abuse are two of those specific cases.

wall clock hidden camera

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Our Wall Clock Camera has a 72 degree viewing angle and can record on a motion activated basis. It may be the perfect tool to catch a child abuser.

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