Campus Sexual Assaults-Colleges Need To Do More!

This story from the Buffalo News discusses the need for Colleges to do more when it comes to campus sexual assaults. Read the whole story HERE.

This topic is received variety lately, especially after the White House jumped in a couple months ago establishing a task force to investigate the topic.

”There is a growing effort involving social justice practices, social media and the kind of activism not seen in years that has resulted in groups of brave women speaking out against sexual assault on college campuses.”

The story makes the point that just as those who serve in the military “college students should not have to live under the threat of sexual assault by their colleagues.” They go on to say that when an assault is reported to officials there should be swift action in terms of an investigation and prosecution of the crime.

Unfortunately that has not been the case on college campuses which is why there has been so much student activism.

Right now 55 colleges and universities are being investigated over their handling of complaints of sexual abuse on campus. Those institutions are big and small, public and private: campus sexual assaults knows no bounds.

“Alcohol may be one factor in some campus sexual assaults. But the use of alcohol does not make sexual assault any less of a crime, and does not absolve colleges of their responsibility to take the appropriate action.”

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