College Assaults Starting To Get More Attention

Here is an opinion piece from CNN and editorial writer Mel Robbins about campus sexual assaults.

In the editorial she makes the point that colleges sweep sexual assaults under the rug, but that it is students that bring the issue to light. Victims of sexual assault on college campus feel shame, guilt and fear. Often when they try and report it to authorities they are minimized by these authorities.

The statistics show that one out of every five women will be assaulted in her four years at a University. Robbins says that the reason so many women haven’t come forward to report this crime until now is because victims assume nothing would happen and to a large extent that is correct.

But it appears that things are changing in the college scene and victims are getting their concerns heard. Among other things they conclude that there was a need for policy of improvement and reform. They also concluded that until rape prevention is addressed it simply isn’t enough.



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