College Rankings-Should They Include Rape And Assault Statistics?

There was a story recently on the National Public Radio blog that asked the question “should college rankings include crime statistics on campus?

The Princeton Review and U.S. News & World Report are the two most widely read and respected sources for ranking colleges across the country. They rank everything from the quality of dorms, social life and even the quality of education. Who’d a thunk it? But, so far, neither one of them has opted to include rape nor assault crime numbers as part of their rankings.

That may soon be changing with a heightened emphasis on this crime that is so underreported. Even the White House is getting into the act with Pres. Obama announcing the formation of a task force to investigate sexual assaults on campus.

The inclusion of this information would greatly help students and their families get an accurate picture of what the climate is on campus in regard to sexual assault. You sure won’t get it by asking the University.

“In a blog post late last month, U.S. News responded, saying it ‘does not factor in overall campus life or culture, whether positive or negative, including campus crimes or reporting of sexual violence’ in its rankings.”

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