Campus Assaults-Change Isn’t Easy

This is an interesting story about a former student at Marquette University who traveled around the country for two years researching and learning about how colleges mishandle sexual assault on campus. You can read the whole story HERE.

The article addresses what the author feels is the main problem, not just about perpetrators and victims but how universities choose to operate.

The article cites the example of every institution has to have at least one person devoted to this issue. In a large university a full-time staff is imperative. But often the staff is undermanned and underfunded, often without a budget at all.

The story went on to say how a higher education institution distributes resources in terms of employees, money and office space illustrates priorities of that institution.

People in this line of work at a University are torn between loyalties to the University and pushing it for a change-change the way the broken system works.

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