Getting It Right On Sexual Assaults On Campus

The figure of one in five women getting sexually assaulted on college campuses has received a lot of attention and is under scrutiny. This is a story from the Huffington Post about getting it right.

“Student activist groups suggest that we should be skeptical of the number of assaults that universities track and they are frustrated with the denial and minimization of the problem of sexual assault on college campuses. Unfortunately, this is happening again in the national media.”

Perhaps the most famous of all the skeptics is George Will, the famous conservative, who tore apart that figure in an op-ed piece. The author of this article in the Huffington Post claims that Will misrepresented the facts about the prevalence of sexual assaults against college women.

The one in five figure has been around for a long time and is consistent with just about every study ever done on the topic.

Whenever the number one in five or one in eight-does it really matter? The important statistic is that the number is way too high and that there’s a lot of work left to do.

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