Family Dog Attacks Bear

Here’s a story about a dog attacking a wild bear in northern Japan.

Usually we write about dogs attacking humans, so this is a bit different. It happened in a town in northern Japan, when a boy who was out walking by a riverside with his great-grandfather got attacked by an Asian bear.
“According to reports, the alert dog barked unusually loud after it spotted the bear before attacking it. The boy, however, did get minor scratches on his body. The boy’s clothes were torn and his back and bottom were covered in scratches where the bear had apparently clawed at him.”

To people who know the family, the dog was always known to be calm and timid. So it came as a real surprise to many that the dog managed to scare large bear way and save the life of the little boy.

The bear species that attacked the boy is believed to be an Asian black bear, which is common in the northern fringes of Asia, particularly in Japan. While not as big as Brown bears, they are big and strong enough to cause injury and death to human beings.

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