A Crime Everywhere Except On A College Campus

Here’s an article that raises the question about whether or not campus sexual assault is a crime?

“Is there another institution in the world that gets to have its own rules, guidelines and policies concerning sexual assault or violence in its midst? Is there another organizational entity that has to have its own ‘sexual assault policy’ that is somehow outside the bounds of what the law proscribes concerning sexual assault?”

The article goes on to say that law enforcement officials would be called in on those instances of a crime being committed and trained investigators would decide whether to make an arrest and then trained prosecutors would decide whether there was evidence enough to move forward with the prosecution.

But that’s not what happens to victims of sexual assault on campus. Instead, they have created this fantasy world, this extra-legal bubble around colleges and universities where victims of sexual assault have somehow forfeited their 14th amendment right to due process and often endure re-victimization at the hands of university bureaucrats.

Women everywhere need to learn how to defend themselves because chances are better than one out of four that they will be sexually assaulted at some point in their four year stay at a University.



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