Hidden Cameras In Nursing Homes Spreading

Here is a story from across the pond in England in the Journal called Socialist Health about elder abuses here in the United States. Not that they don’t have them in England-they do.

The gist of the story is a group of eight nurses and nine certified nursing assistants were fired in a New York State investigation that showed neglect of duty and making false records. Patients in nursing homes are among the most vulnerable citizens for obvious reasons. The Atty. Gen. in New York used hidden cameras to reveal the mist treatment of patients in two facilities.

As far as we know Oklahoma was the first state to legalize the use of hidden cameras in nursing homes. Ohio and New York followed suit. It is expected that other states will follow this trend.

In Ohio cameras can only be installed by relatives. Ohio and New York are single consent jurisdictions meaning that if the patient or their legal representative consents to the use of the camera no other consent is needed. However a prosecutor can install a hidden camera without a court order or subpoena and the nursing home or hospital need not be told of the surveillance camera.

We feel this action is long overdue can urge other states to follow. This action may not put an end to elder abuse, but it will send a clear message that if you do abuse patients in a nursing home you will get caught and prosecuted.

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