Burglar Thwarted By Barking Dog


Last week in San Diego, California there was a story about a burglar who had been very successful up until Wednesday when he was thwarted by a barking dog. It seems this particular burglar had been on a run of successful burglaries for close to two years. He did most of his work during the day when people were not home. He avoided homes that had security cameras. And he definitely stayed away from homes that had any sign of a dog on the property or of a security system in place.

Burglars don’t like cameras, they don’t like security systems and most of all they don’t like dogs. That is the number one thing burglars detest-dogs!

A barking dog can be an effective deterrent against burglary. That is just a known fact and you can ask any police department to verify it.

But for many reasons people don’t want to have a dog and we can understand that. A good way to get the bark without the bite is to get the electronic watchdog which is also known as the barking dog alarm.

Once you set it up it and plug it in, it provides 24-hour protection sensing movement through walls, doors and glass. It uses electronic “wave sense” technology similar to radar. It can detect movement up to 15 feet away in the clear – and up to 10 feet away through walls. As the intruder approaches, the sound of a barking dog gets louder and more frequent the closer he gets. It has adjustable volume and sensitivity range.

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