New Initiative To Halt Assaults on Campus


This is a new story out of the NBC affiliate in Rochester New York about an effort to end sexual assaults on college campus. I know you’re saying wait, we’ve heard that before!

“Nearly 30% of all women have been sexually assaulted in their years in a University. That statistic is bad enough but even more glaring is that 72% of all campus victims admit to having been drunk when attacked. Nearly 90% of all assailants are known to the victims-they are classmates.

Women have a right to be safe on college and university campuses so they can pursue their educations.”

Part of the problem is that less than 10% of all sexual assaults ever get reported which actually works to embolden other young men to commit the crime.

This new effort is led by New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand who is calling this a growing problem. No kidding! It doesn’t matter where you go to school you are more likely to be sexually assaulted when you attend college then when you don’t. That is pretty shocking.

Over 55 colleges and universities are now under investigation for their handling of sexual assault crimes on our campuses.

What women need to do is carry a self-defense spray.

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