Family’s Hidden Camera Recorded Abuse Of 90 Year-Old

larm clock hidden camera

alarm clock hidden camera

Here is a story from last week about elder abuse captured on hidden camera.

Members of one Bucks County family, according to police, had suspected that Ruth Reed, 90, a relative with Alzheimer’s disease, was being mistreated at an assisted-living facility. So they bought a “nanny cam” a year ago and moved her to a facility in Yardley.

Hidden cameras are disguised as alarm clocks, teddy bears and wall clocks, designed to keep an eye on the people baby-sitting children or caring for elderly loved ones.

“For 10 months, everything at the Arden Courts residential assisted-living facility on Stony Hill Road was fine, police said. But two months ago, Reed’s daughter noticed a bruise on her mother’s head – and, later, bruising near her left eye.

Nine days ago, according to a court document, Reed’s granddaughter saw bruises on Reed’s hands and face. That’s when the camera inside the clock radio in her room confirmed the family’s worst fears.

“The slap was so hard that it was clearly heard on the video,” Lower Makefield Township police said in the document, an affidavit of probable cause to arrest her caregiver.”

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