Teen Dating Violence A Growing Concern

In a statewide event in Madison Wisconsin Tuesday the Atty. Gen. discussed teen dating violence as a growing concern. He brought out the point that domestic violence does not always mean adults. Grant money was recently made available by Verizon and will be used to develop programs to serve teens throughout the state

“At Golden House, we see victims of all ages, and we’re starting to see a great number of teens and pre-teens who are struggling in relationships, not understanding what a respectful relationship is and some of those relationships being fraught with violence as well,” says Karen Faulkner, Executive Director of Golden House, a domestic abuse program and shelter in Green Bay.

Dating violence, as victim advocates call it, does affect teens. It just looks and sounds a little different than abuse in an adult relationship.

“That constant need for attention, withdrawal or isolation from existing friendships or activities that they like to do or used to like to do, changes in their behaviors, changes in how they dress, changes in what they are doing,” says Faulkner.

According to local statistics 81 percent of parents don’t think dating violence is an issue, but one in three adolescents will be affected by it.

The same statistics reveal that 1.5 million high school age teens experience some form of physical violence from a dating partner, beginning as young as 12.

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