What Is The Answer For Campus Assaults?

Here’s an article that was posted in the highly acclaimed Deseret News about campus assaults in the growing evidence that they are underreported and not always vigorously investigated or prosecuted.

It raises the question about whether the recent efforts in Washington to compel colleges to address the problem are enough. Important questions remain as to whether they will achieve the necessary results.

“A bipartisan bill introduced in the Senate would require colleges to conduct surveys on the frequency of assault and publish the findings or face serious financial penalties. The measure follows the release this year of a study by the White House Council on Women and Girls that indicates one in five women has been assaulted while attending college.”

Everyone agrees that that number is shocking. Colleges need to put more emphasis on the problem. The Senate bill would create a public database of campus assaults that would be a valuable starting point for assessing particulars of the problem. But like so many other issues in the federal government there is no money behind it, thus it will never get done.

“Sexual violence, particularly against young women, is a problem of greater prevalence than society has perhaps been willing to acknowledge. It’s important that colleges and other institutions are required to be alert to the problem; it’s more important that resources are in place to guarantee that every instance of sexual violence is discovered, investigated and prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law.”

Assaults on college campuses have become so commonplace anymore they are finally starting to get some attention. If women would just carry some self-defense products they could defend themselves against the vast majority of assaults.

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