Campus Rapes and Alcohol

This is an interesting article by NPR about the power of peer pressure in preventing college campus assaults.

They make the point that many forces can drive a male college student to commit sexual assault but one of the most powerful is the company he keeps. Studies have shown that having friends who support violence against women is a big risk factor in committing sexual assault.

“One of the things that matters most to boys and emerging adult men is the opinion of other men,” says John Foubert, a researcher at Oklahoma State University who studies rape prevention among young men.”

There is only a small percentage of men were acting like sex offenders because that’s exactly what they are. In a study involving 1800 men, 6% or 120 men said they had raped women they knew. Many of them (two thirds) were serial rapists having committed the crime at least six times. Those 120 men were responsible for 439 rapes none of which was ever reported.

These men say it is absolutely a piece of cake to invite impressionable freshmen to a party that is exclusive, making the young woman feel special, and get her drunk to the point where she is defenseless. Sexual assault is then easy. Alcohol is the weapon of choice in college campuses.

Half the time young women don’t even remember what happened.

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