Esta Soler Speaks Out Against Domestic Violence

Time magazine did a story about Esta Soler in the role she played in the violence against women act. She is leading expert in violence prevention and founded an organization that was one of the driving forces behind the passage of that act.

She has a saying that “movements are made of moments.” One such moment was O.J. Simpson case and another is the hurdles facing the NFL today.

“There’s a new openness among women and men to address incidences of violence at home. The National Domestic Violence Hotline has received over 3 million calls since 1996, and 92% of callers admit it’s their first call for help.”

Soler laid out 6 things the nation can do right now to address the issue.

  1. Confront College Sexual Assault.
  2. Bring Young People into the Equation.
  3. Stand Up to Rape Culture.
  4. Bring Men into the Conversation.
  5. Hold Sports Organizations Accountable.
  6. Keep Talking About It.

“Domestic violence may be defined as all forms of harassment of women in form of sexual assault (forced kisses, touching, fondling, rape, sexual / reproductive coercion), physical (wounds, fracture, genital injuries), mental assault sufficient enough to affect mental physical and economic well-being of a woman.”

Every indication is that domestic violence is generational passed down from father to son. Until that cycle is broken, the problem of domestic violence will persist

Husbands who are alcoholic, or mentally disturbed due substance misuse tend to be more abusive and violent towards their wives.

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