Staying Safe And Avoiding Danger

From the ‘Daily Illini’, the campus newspaper at the University of Illinois comes this article about campus safety.

The article discusses the use of awareness as a major self-defense tool.

Fiesta said the Division of Public Safety provides self-defense classes, which discuss the importance of awareness. Awareness, according to Fiesta, provides a person with the ability to avoid possibly threatening situations.

“Awareness is about 90 percent of self-defense,” she said.

The Division of Public Safety offers a self-defense class for both men and women, called R.A.D, standing for Rape Aggression Defense system.

Fiesta said the women’s class, “Rape Aggression Defense,” teaches preventative skills like how to avoid places where a crime may likely be committed, verbal defense and techniques to increase motor skills.

Looking a suspicious person in the eye can help prevent being attacked as well, according to William Smoot, University police sergeant. This makes the suspect aware that the person could identify them if needed.

However, students may become the victim of crimes of a different type. For other crime prevention, Smoot said situations like theft can be avoided by something as simple as keeping doors locked at all times.

Murphy recalled a night when he was accidently sprayed with pepper spray. Along with his sergeant, Murphy was pursuing and closing in on a suspect, but the sergeant used pepper spray and hit both Murphy and the suspect.

Instead, it gives the person using it the opportunity to escape. To be effective, it needs to hit the assailant directly in the eyes.

Murphy said that pepper spray can still be useful. One such advantage is that there are pepper sprays available that have a band, allowing people to hold it in their hands while walking and making the weapon face the right direction.

He said he also recommended pepper spray that cannot accidently be pressed if in a backpack or purse and includes a piece on top that allows people holding it to know where to place their fingers.

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