Will White House Memo On Campus Assaults Do Anything

Recently Pres. Obama signed a memorandum creating a task force to combat sexual assaults on the nation’s college campuses. He gave the task force 90 days to draw some recommendations on how to deal with sexual assaults on college campuses-both on how to prevent them and how people respond to them-specifically law enforcement and University officials.

Read the whole story HERE.

The White House released a report that shows that many female college student face this problem. Some of these staggering statistics are:

1. One in five women have been assaulted in college.

2. 12% of those victims report that they were sexually assaulted.

3. 22 million American women have been raped in their lifetime.

4. 98% of perpetrators are male.

5. Almost all of the perpetrators are known to the victim-mostly because they are classmates.

“One of the major points of the report shows that the judicial response to sexual assaults has been inadequate, noting the lack of prosecutions and convictions. The report also notes that victims of sexual assault could suffer from depression or other physical ailments because of the abuse.”

Students from several major universities have filed complaints under title IX and the Clery Act.

We have been writing about this issue for years and feel it’s about time somebody high on the food chain took notice. The White House is calling for a culture shift on sexual assaults on college campuses. We wish them luck.

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