Best Known Burglary Suspect At It Again

One of the best known burglary suspects in the greater Dallas Texas area is a man by the name of Larry Don Jenkins. Mr. Jenkins has an Impressive Criminal Resume that includes 81 offenses filed, 31 arrests, 6 felonies and yet he continues to be released from jail.

He is the reputed ringleader of local safe burglars. Authorities have been frustrated for years, because they keep arresting him… and he keeps getting out. How does he get into these safes? The old-fashioned way! He and his fellow gang members beat the door in.

He was the recent target of the safe burglary task force. He has been caught time and time again but manages to elude jail and slip through the system. He is a colorful character, according to police, driving high-end luxury vehicles, bragging about being the “King South Dallas” and claiming to be a millionaire.

When he was arrested last month, he was out on $250,000 bond and was involved in a pending organized crime case in another county.

This time when he was arrested he was caught on video surveillance camera. Slamdunk you say?

Not so fast! His high-powered attorney feels certain he will be released soon.

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