Where Is The Prevention Talk?

Here is an Op-Ed Piece on Campus Assaults that raises the question about whether or not is something missing.

Activists understandably pursue remedies from local to national levels, yet the problem persists.

College campus sexual assaults have been hot topics for many years producing much activity and even more legislation in a feeble attempt to curb the assaults. In 2010, President Obama required federal agencies to make domestic and sexual violence a priority. The president signed the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act in 2013. On Sept. 19, 2014, the president launched his “It’s On Us” campaign, combating sexual assault on college campuses.

Much of the attention and funding has been directed to after-the-fact investigation and treating the victim more humanely. While there is a prevention component to each legislative package, grant or project, perhaps something is being overlooked.

“The dynamics of college life appear to fuel the problem, as many survivors are victims of what’s called ‘incapacitated assault’: they are abused while drunk, under the influence of drugs, passed out, or otherwise incapacitated.”

Campus life is what it is with binge drinking, multiple sexual partners, drug use and other indiscretions which indeed lead to incapacitated victims.

While there is no foolproof solution to sexual assaults on and around campuses, there are ways to lower the likelihood of victimization. In the distant past, young women on campus were afforded the privacy and protection of female-only dorms, curfews and no male visitors in dorm rooms.

Nearly 30% of all women have been sexually assaulted in their years in a University. That statistic is bad enough but even more glaring is that 72% of all campus victims admit to having been drunk when attacked. Nearly 90% of all assailants are known to the victims-they are classmates.

Women have a right to be safe on college and university campuses so they can pursue their educations.
Part of the problem is that less than 10% of all sexual assaults ever get reported which actually works to embolden other young men to commit the crime.



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