Louisiana Task Force To Get Into Assaults On Campus

This is a story from New Orleans, Louisiana TV station WWL about a task force to tackle assaults on campus.

For the first time University officials and lawmakers met on this topic that has generated so much interest lately. Surveys show that one in five women will be sexually assaulted while in college. Yet so many of those are never reported.

The first step for the task for discreet as standardized climate survey that will reveal data they need to create policies that work.

“Tania Tetlow, a law professor at Tulane University, said changes are already happening as lawmakers hone in on the issue because it is forcing universities to take a closer look at their own policies.

‘From domestic violence in the NFL to campus rape and rape in the military, people are really paying attention and understanding this is a massive problem and it needs to be solved,’ says Tetlow.”

Right now most sexual assault investigations are handled by the University honor system which is student run. Relatively few women go through the criminal justice system, but the University attempts to make all options available and as transparent as they can be. Most victims actually choose to do nothing for a variety of reasons.

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