Real Estate Agents Learn Self-Defense

This realtor self-defense class discusses the potential dangers of being a real estate agent

A local martial arts school is helping agents stay safe while on the job. A local real estate agent was found dead in a vacant home back in 1997. To this day no one knows who did it “The environment in the real estate community has changed a bit and to be well prepared, to be responsible, to understand best practices for safety is very important in today’s world.”

Agents are often targets because there almost always women, almost always alone and inside the house where screams may go unnoticed. “They put themselves alone with strangers, people they don’t know, people they’ve never met before.” The self-defense class will teach people to never set up a first time meeting alone, use your cell phone as a weapon and carry pepper spray, just to name a few tips.

Always make sure that you have self-defense weapon with you such as this pepper spray.

When you are looking for effective self-defense products including pepper spray, stun guns, tasers, alarms and other self-defense weapons is your one stop store. We also carry hidden cameras and surveillance systems for home or business.


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