Burglary Ring Unraveling

This is a story about a Burglary Ring in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that police believe is responsible for more than 40 home burglaries involving more than half a million dollars-worth of jewelry and electronics in several cities and towns in the area.

Police were starting to notice a trend in the burglaries in terms of entry in a home and types of products taken. Like all burglaries, most the items taken are small valuable items that can be easily converted into cash at a local pawn shop.

liquid wrench diversion safe

liquid wrench diversion safe

Most of those items could have been protected by a can diversion safe such as this can of liquid wrench.

Diversion safes are not real safes in the true sense of the word. They protect your valuables by hiding them “in plain sight.” According to police statistics, most burglars spend less than ten minutes inside a home looking for items of value such as the items that were stolen in today’s article.

Burglars cannot look everywhere, so if you can hide them in a diversion safe chances of protecting them increase greatly. A diversion safe is a hollowed out canister of a common everyday product that people are used to seeing. Who would think to look inside a can of liquid wrench to find jewelry?

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