Frats And Campus Assaults

This is a story out of the San Diego California area about the relationship between fraternities and campus assaults which are huge problem across the country.

“Sexual assaults involving fraternities is not a new problem. In fact, such assaults are high on the list of insurance claims against fraternities nationwide. But with the news media, lawmakers and the White House focusing on how universities handle these cases, some believe the culture and norms of campus Greek life will soon get even more scrutiny.”

Experts on the problem agree that the environment created by the Greek life one of competitive testosterone driven environment that is fueled by alcohol and casual sex is a key component in the sexual assault problem. So are the large-scale parties at fraternity houses, which can be ideal surroundings for predatory behavior.

It is just a fact that alcohol is predominant factor in close to 70% of all the cases of campus sexual assault. Victims often don’t report rapes at fraternity houses because of fear of retaliation from its members.



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