Assaults Up On Campus?

This is a story that some may find shocking. It is about the federal report that shows an increase in campus assaults more than doubling at the University of Virginia University of Maryland.

Some are speculating that this is not actually an increase in the crime, but rather an increase in the number of people reporting crime. There’s an increase awareness of the issue and people are feeling more comfortable reporting it.

Colleges and universities have been making a conscious effort to raise awareness and make victims feel more comfortable reporting assaults.

In fact, VCU has made it mandatory for students to take an online course and learn about sexual violence and recognizing potentially dangerous situations.

Students accounts will be put on hold until they complete the course.

The report suggested most sexual assaults are occurring at parties and are often precipitated by drinking or drug use. Sometimes, victims are incapacitated. Most of the time, victims know the person who assaults them.

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