Holiday Burglary Prevention Tips

From a local television station in Roanoke, Virginia comes tips from a local police department about Holiday Home Burglaries.

They warn us that holidays are a great time for thieves to break into homes.

“We’re all creatures of habit and we all get into a routine,” said crime prevention specialist Travis Akins with the Roanoke City Police Department.

  1. Be on the lookout for any unusual activity in their neighborhoods as we head into the holiday season.
  2. Don’t be so predictable. Very your routine so burglars can’t get a fix on you or your habits.
  3. Leaving your lights off while you travel out of town is not the best idea because it lets criminals know no one is home.
  4. It’s the same situation with an empty driveway. If you own more than one car, leave one parked there while you’re out of town.
  5. Tell your neighbors that you are leaving. Whether you ask them to collect your newspapers or just keep an eye on the house, it could prevent a crime from happening.
  6. If you have a security system, turn it on.
  7. Don’t throw the packaging away as is. “It sounds really crazy but cut the box up,” he said. “Tuck it away inside of another trash box then put it out there.”
  8. The value of goods taken and burglaries has been cut in half in the last year due to the security surveillance systems.
  9. Akins says people should avoid posting personal travel plans to social media.

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