Who Should Investigate Campus Rapes?

In today’s article we explore campus assaults and why do Colleges investigate them. The more appropriate question is “shouldn’t these crimes be investigated by the police?”

According to pundit Emily Yoffe who argued in Slate this week, called campus judicial systems “Soviet-style show trials.”

Yes it is true that all campuses have a Police Department. But if a murder happens on campus, it is immediately investigated by the local police and handled by local courts. A rape is also a felony crime so why is that handled differently. Why is it treated as an academic problem was students often sitting in judgment.

The article offers two reasons “why colleges are involved with campus rape and sexual assault, and why they’re likely to stay that way. The first is that it’s the law: Title IX, passed in 1972, requires colleges to protect students from sexual assault.

The second is that college involvement is often what victims of sexual assault want and need more than a police investigation — and that’s why advocates are skeptical of proposals that would throw these cases to the justice system.”

We would offer a third reason: to protect the reputation of University. More often than not these investigations are swept underneath the rug never to see the light of day to protect the reputation of the University.



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