Anti-Domestic Violence Program Aimed At Teens

This is a story about a new anti-domestic violence program that is being taught to 38 teenage boys in Evanston, Illinois by the YWCA. The purpose of the program is to engage young men in conversation about unhealthy norms that can lead to domestic violence and sexual assault

“The goal of this is to create a space for these young men to develop their own definition, their own sense of what healthy masculinity looks like to them.”

The program is funded by a grant from the Department of Justice

“During the 10-week program, the group discussed issues such as teen dating violence, media stereotypes and conflict resolution. The next step is for program graduates, who receive a monetary stipend at the end of the first session, to pass on their knowledge to middle school boys through other after-school programs in the area.”

It is hoped that this program will go nationwide.

Everyone knows that domestic violence affects close to one in three women, but few people know the teenage violence in a dating relationship is just as bad.

Women should know how to defend themselves against dating abuse when they’re young. We highly recommend a self-defense product such as pepper spray or stun gun.

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