Abusive On-The-Run Nanny Caught

Last week in Chelyabinsk, a city in central Russia’s Chelyabinsk Oblast region, Russian police captured an on-the-run nanny who was recorded on a hidden camera beating an 11-month-old baby and throwing him around the room.

A local businessman hired the babysitter online and asked her to look after his son. He said that when they were around she had seemed attentive and caring for the baby boy but he became suspicious because the child seemed distressed every time he was handed over to her so he put in a hidden camera.

The nanny was captured on camera throwing the baby onto the couch as she tried to dress him.

Hidden camera footage also revealed the moment the nanny appeared to strike the baby boy.

It didn’t occur to the father that the babysitter might be abusing the child because she was always caring and attentive

But after his son’s distress continued he decided to install a hidden camera, which captured shocking images of the boy barely able to walk being picked up and flung onto the sofa, slapped on the face or having his legs knocked out from under him to force him to fall back down into his baby chair.

After the footage was handed to police, they launched a search for the woman who has now been tracked down and arrested.

The slaps and the aggression were clearly designed to cause distress to the boy but at the same time not to leave marks that would make the parents suspicious.

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