Sexual Assaults Worse On English Campuses

There was an article in a paper in England last week that called the sexual assault situation in universities there a ‘national embarrassment.’ The author then said it’s time for the universities to bring their sexual violence policies in line with their academic excellence.

The publication’s survey found that one in three women experienced sexual assault while at a University. The author is a professor at a well-known university and claims that students have become increasingly angry about sexual violence. Rape is significantly underreported but it’s estimated that between 60,000 and 95,000 students are raped every year.

“Universities’ shocking lack of sexual assault policies also goes against the collegiate environment they advertise. Even if a student does report the assault to the police, the criminal process can take months. If universities refuse to investigate or take action during this time, then the victim is forced to live and study alongside their attacker – seeing them day after day in place that encourages both parties to study and socialize together. It’s hardly surprising that students who are assaulted end up taking time out or even leaving university.”

Young adults who are living away from home for the first time should be safe at university. For many, it is a time where they will have their first serious relationship and explore their sexual preferences.

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