Unlocked Doors And Windows Help Burglars

Out in Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach Police released surveillance images in hopes of identifying two suspects in a beachfront home burglary and urged residents to be more vigilant about locking doors and windows in light of a spike in residential and vehicle break-ins.

The burglary occurred at a multi-story home in the 100 block of The Strand, at First Street, on Feb. 7 about 5:30 p.m., said Detective Traci Navarrette of the Manhattan Beach Police Department.

“There was nobody home at the time and they attempted to force entry and were unsuccessful, but then they found an unlocked door,” Navarrette said. “Unfortunately, that’s a common theme. We’re getting reports of thefts from unlocked vehicles or residences where windows or doors were unlocked.”

Navarrette said the entire South Bay region “has had a spike in residential burglaries, as well as thefts from vehicles.”

“We can’t hit the point home enough — people are busy and (some of) these homes are large, but we’re asking that people lock their doors and windows when they’re not home. And if



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