College Officials In Denial About Campus Assaults

This is a story from Bloomberg about Campus Sexual Assaults. In recent surveys of U.S. College presidents, few admit to having the issue of campus sexual assaults at their own school. Only 6% of them said it’s a significant problem for them. While 80% said sexual assault is prevalent at their school.

College presidents overwhelmingly disagree that sexual assault is prevalent on their campuses, even though a third think it’s a problem in general

The survey got responses from presidents at 338 public institutions and 262 private nonprofits. About 26 percent don’t think sexual assault at school is common, and 42 percent are ambivalent.

Of the presidents surveyed, 77 percent said their school does a good job protecting women from sexual assault—even as the growing number of federal investigations suggests colleges have erred under Title IX, the federal law that bans schools from discriminating on the basis of gender.

The survey suggests that presidents are in denial about the problem.

We are wondering whether these college presidents can read. There’s been an enormous amount of publicity about campus sexual assaults in the last two or three years. Currently there are 101 schools that are under investigation by the federal government for violation of title IX. That is hardly insignificant.

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