Cougar Breeding Area Discovered

Ecologists have discovered at least nine different Mountain Lions south of Livermore in the Sunol/Ohlone Regional Wilderness in the East Bay hills in an area east of Fremont.

Mountain lions are commonly called cougars and populate mostly the Western United States. They are the second largest feline animal in the Americas next to the Jaguar. They are solitary predators that use their leaping ability to ambush prey. Stealth and speed are their main characteristics in an attack. They have been known to leap as high as 15 feet and jump as far as 40 feet which seems unbelievable.

“That’s a phenomenal density for that area,” said Carolyn Jones with the East Bay Regional Park District. Jones believes the mountain lion population is a good sign of a healthy habitat. “It’s an area that’s very wild and there’s plenty of deer for them to eat. They seem very happy.”

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife confirms that attacks on humans are rare with only three fatal attacks in the last 30 years.

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