Luggage Handler Expose Uses Hidden Cameras

This story is about airport baggage handlers who got caught red-handed, rifling through luggage by using a Hidden Camera.

What are they looking for? The valuables that you packed, that you thought would be safe, but in never before seen video obtained by CNN, undercover cameras and the police are catching the baggage handlers stealing on planes, and in supposedly secure areas of the airport.

The video even caught a security guard apparently in on them.

A CNN analysis finds over the past five years, nearly 31,000 passenger claims of items missing from luggage filed with the TSA. About 25,000 of those claims alleged valuables missing from checked bags.

Over 500 TSA officers have been fired for theft since 2002, including one who hid stolen items in this secret compartment.

The top airport for items reported missing from luggage: JFK in New York. So many insider baggage thefts were going on here, the airline el al set up its own hidden cameras and found workers rifling through luggage, stealing money out of wallets; seven baggage handlers were arrested for stealing iPhones, iPads, watches, rings, cameras.

In Los Angeles, police last year raided homes of baggage handlers. According to the airport police chief, the case led to a major reduction in missing items from luggage.

wall clock hidden camera

wall clock hidden camera

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