Woman Assaulted And Robbed

A Greenville woman was beaten, her purse and cell phone stolen and she was left in an empty parking lot in a parking lot assault.

A woman with torn clothes, a bruised eye and deep scratches on her neck flagged down a Greenville-West Salem Township patrolman in the parking lot of a Main Street convenience store in the borough, police said.

The woman said Mathew P. Molke, 27, of Conneaut Lake and Bethann M. Staggs, 31, of Atlantic picked her up at her Greenville home. As they traveled east on Hadley Road near Sixth Avenue in Hempfield Township, Molke asked her for gas money and she gave him $4, police said.

Molke finally wrestled the purse away from her, while Staggs continued hitting her, police said. The pair then left the victim lying on the ground and took off in the 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse, police said. The victim flagged down a motorist who took her to the convenience store, police said.

She was treated at a local hospital for a broken finger, a bruised shoulder and torn ligaments in her neck and back, police said.

A warrant for Molke’s arrest lists his charges as aggravated assault, robbery and theft; Staggs faces charges of simple and aggravated assault and robbery.

Parking lots are one of the most common places for an assault on women. We encourage young girls and women everywhere to carry a self-defense product with them such as a stun gun or pepper spray.

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