Burglars Need 8 Minutes To Get In And Out

This story from Limerick, Ireland claims the burglars don’t need much time to do their dirty work. 8 Minutes Is All They Need. In and out and they’re gone. That’s the average time a thief stays in the house they are robbing.

They came back from some shopping and sat down to a cup of tea and were watching TV. One of them had to use the bathroom which was upstairs. That’s when they discovered that their bedroom had been completely ransacked.

When police arrived they told the homeowner said it was the six homes that have been burglarized that night.

A small amount of cash was taken, but all of her jewellery. You can replace cash but it’s hard to replace a 53-year-old engagement ring.

Here are some tips on how to protect your home.

The first place they head to when they break in is the master bedroom. Here, they are looking for cash and jewelry.

They are not interested in TVs, silverware or any items big or small that might hinder their escape or something that might ever be traced back to your house when they try to pass them on for cash.

The most common way a burglar will enter your home is either through a front or back door. Before they try to gain access they may first just simply knock on your front door to see if anybody is home. And if nobody answers and the front door is locked they will proceed around to your back door and try to gain entry from there.

The biggest deterrent in this regard is having an alarm in your home. In a survey carried out last year, 82 imprisoned burglars were asked what kind of security features would stop them from thinking of robbing a house and 84% of them cited a house fitted with an alarm.

Burglars hate dogs, big or small it doesn’t matter. Get a beware of the dog sign and put it out front and even consider getting a dog bowl and chain and leave it by your back door.

OK, after all that and they still get into your home, they have eight minutes and they are heading straight to your bedroom so first and foremost please don’t put cash into drawers or under your mattress. If you do they will be found.

There is probably no way you can totally burglar-proof your home.

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