Campus Sexual Assaults Still A Problem

Here is a story from the Boston Globe about Campus Sexual Assaults.

One American has likely been raped in the period of time it takes to count to 100 and chances are, that person is between the ages of 18 and 24. Chances are, that person is in college.

The odds of being sexually assaulted on a college campus — a mind-blowing one in five — have at this point been quoted almost to the point of dangerous irrelevance. The nearly 20 percent of college students who have been sexually assaulted somehow became a number without a face, a truth presumed inevitable and thus unworthy of much attention. For these survivors, the memory of sexual assault doesn’t fade — and the struggle continues past the closed door or rape kit.

Of the 135 rapes reported to Harvard between 2009 and 2013, only 10 resulted in expulsions. Eighty-eight percent of women raped on campus do not report the crime.

In their film, they try to get at why rape is so rampant on college campuses and why schools continue to protect student rapists. They speak with survivors, campus police, administrators, advocates, and activists, all of whom put forth a similar thesis: Universities cannot risk the public relations disaster, potential lawsuits, and financial losses that might result from being associated with a “rape problem.”

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